Best Short Film: SELFIES by Claudius Gentinetta  

The short film SELFIES from Switzerland has won the Best Short Film category at the 2019 ISFFC. (It’s the only category we have this year)


In a veritable firework display of digital selfport-raits, hundreds of quaint, embarrassing and dread-fully disturbing selfies were arranged in a unique short film composition. Single photos, artistically reworked, consolidate to form a ghastly grin that outshines the abyss of human existence.


My film is a walk between everyday life and culture. Whether we want it or not: selfies have become a major, cross-cultural aspect of everyday life. Joe Public is as much a part of this as are starlets and refugees. Staging the self-portraits is based on other people’s quotes and on referencing existing images. My film is not a valuation of the self-portraying craze of our times. Rather, I am taking my viewers on a dizzying journey of images that may have unwanted side effects, and offer them a new perspective of this current cultural phenomenon across the globe.